Day 13 2 Strangers- 1st Donald, City worker

Donald working late at night ©Katarina Kojic

I can’t decide which photo of Donald I like better. This one, or….. ©Katarina Kojic

…or this one where he’s looking at me. ©Katarina Kojic

+ Stephanie 18,
Tanning Salon Receptionist
& Brayan 19, Waiter

Stephanie and Brayan have been together for a few years. ©Katarina Kojic

Stephanie knows how to take a picture. ©Katarina Kojic

I loved the pose, but like this natural shot of her even better. ©Katarina Kojic

Laughing at being called out on her “pose”. I love this photo. ©Katarina Kojic

“It says Je ne sais quoi” Oh and that sparkly stud in the center of her chest is held by a metal plate that was put in for the piercing. It cost about $25 to do and it didn’t hurt there was just a little pressure. ©Katarina Kojic

Brayan’s direct gaze keeps drawing me into this photo. ©Katarina Kojic

“This says 2003, the year my father died.” ©Katarina Kojic

“…And this is the year I was born.” ©Katarina Kojic

He didn’t say what this tattoo was about. ©Katarina Kojic

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