Day 2 of Love:


I was going thru the turn style at Astor Place wondering how I would manage getting my love photo in before getting home for a BBQ at our neighbors. At the same moment I overheard Tara say to Alex, “You’re my favorite person.”  Friendship love! One of my favorites.

Name: Tara / Alexandra
Age: 28 / 30
Profession: Online Operations Associate at the Village Voice / Online Operations Manager at the Village Voice (for 2 more days.)
Nationality / Origin: Irish from New York / From Peru
Relationship to each other? Co-workers / Insists she is not her boss, very good friends
How did you meet? At work
When did you meet? May 1st 2011, we were instant friends
What is your favorite thing about Tara? Very good heart and very spontaneous, no filter
What is your favorite thing about Alex? She’s funny, keeps me off the ledge.
Why is Alex important to you? Because I love her, she’s a really great person.
Why is Tara important to you? “Can I say the same thing?”

Alex & Tara on the Uptown 6 train. In two days, Alex is leaving the Voice and will go back to school for sociology. Glad to immortalize a great friendship! Good luck ladies. ©Katarina Kojic


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