Day 3 of Love


Puppy Love, but not the metaphorical kind.

I passed Peter on the sidewalk yesterday. He was walking Rosie after a run. And Rosie, who is only 17 weeks old, happily greeted me in a way only puppies can. “Oh my god!” We’re the words I’m pretty sure I squealed upon getting her puppy love. What is it about getting affection from something so cute that makes us feel so good? “Do you just love her?” I asked. I had no doubt that he did, but I needed an opening for my project. And of course, I had to be sure it was love.

Name: Peter / Rosie
Age: 27 / 17 weeks
Profession: Used to own restaurants, currently working on a blog about etiquette and style with his wife ( / currently puppy, soon dog.
Nationality / Origin: 2nd Generation Russian / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Where did you meet? Mid Lake Cavaliers in Skaneateles, NY
When did you meet? 8 weeks ago
What is your favorite thing about Rosie? Super cute, really playful, super-loving, well-behaved, wonderful

Why is Rosie important to you? She gives unconditional love, and is a good companion. ©Katarina Kojic

What is your favorite thing about Peter? His sweat. ©Katarina Kojic


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