About KK

I am a lifestyle and portrait photographer. katarinakojic.com

When I was in 5th grade my friend Kerry remarked that I had the same initials as Kublai Khan.

I originally started this blog as a log of an ongoing documentary project on how people find and define success and how I can find and define my own success. Like many artists, I have a perfectionist problem which keeps projects from ever feeling complete enough to share. With that in mind, this blog is not perfect, will never be perfect and is decidedly imperfect. There will be spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. I will post 4 photos when 1 is enough and some of them may be horrible. This blog is a place for me to take on challenges and share stories from others. I learned a lot from people who were willing to pull back the curtain and share their mistakes and victories and how they made them. As my good friend Marina says, “We become by doing.” So this is a blog about doing, which is a major key to success.

Is there a graceful way to carry a mannequin? “Grab the mannequin by the bottom and let’s go.” ©Katarina Kojic

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