Day 23 of Love- Giving

I walked decidedly toward the Grace Church to set up a shot and find strangers to photograph for Day 23. The Grace Church has always been a source of great nostalgia for me as it represents my early days of living and walking around New York, it was a few blocks from my first apartment on Bleecker and Broadway. At the time I was reading “The Alienist,” by Caleb Carr. The book took place circa 1896 and the main characters had their headquarters at 808 Broadway, next door to the Grace Church. So it was mentioned often. The book features Theodore Roosevelt, police commissioner of NYC at the time, and a team of crime investigators who use fingerprinting and psychology, cutting edge at the time, to solve a series of murders that take place across the city. The streets and now landmarks of New York City are described in great detail, the first murder takes place on an unfinished Williamsburg Bridge. I was fascinated. My roommate had a book on his shelf called “New York, Then and Now”, which featured early photographs from 1875 to 1925 contrasted with 1976. I walked the streets of New York in 1997 with the book in tow, checking the photos and marveling at what changed and what didn’t. The Grace Church is still there and 808 Broadway now houses the New York Costumes shop.

When I reached the Church, Liad and Emelia were sitting on the steps, already nicely framed by the large doors. As I was asking to take their photo, two other friends popped up. They were all visiting from Israel and thought it a little funny to be photographed in front of a Church, but agreed to the artistic coincidence.

Name: Yaniv / Liad / Emelia / Secret Rabbi
Age: 28 / 27 / 29 / ?
Profession: Student of Politics / Student of Econ / Import Manager / It’s a secret
Relationship to each other: Friends, just met, used to date
Nationality/Origin: Israeli

How / where / when did you meet: Thru mutual friends, (then after a few laughs) we (Yaniv and Emelia) used to date, and Emelia and Liad just met.

What does love mean? Love is… The Sky / Giving, the meaning of Judaism is giving / Beautiful, Understanding / Giving, but not material stuff, giving without consequences, not in order to get something back, get happy by giving.

The secret Rabbi, works for a secret agency and has to stay “off the grid” so I promised not to show his face.

Yaniv, Liad, Emelia and the Secret Rabbi in front of the Grace Church.

Yaniv, Liad, Emelia and the Secret Rabbi in front of the Grace Church.

Day 21 Strangers- A Broadway Dancer, Elizabeth Taylor & a Food Bank employee

I met Neil outside the park near the Pepsi Cola sign, I asked what he did. When he told me, I asked if he would show me.

Neil is a professional dancer. ©Katarina Kojic

Neil at the beginning of a series of dance moves. ©Katarina Kojic (Engin this one is for you)

He is in previews for the new Broadway Musical, Bring It On! based on the movies of the same name. He is playing the lead cheerleader’s boyfriend. ©Katarina Kojic

Taking flight just a little to the left of the Pepsi Cola Sign. ©Katarina Kojic

In my mind, this is how I look when I dance. ©Katarina Kojic (Engin this is for you too.)

Neil after showing us how it is done! Good Luck on the show! ©Katarina Kojic

Neil is another person I could have spent all day photographing. He is an amazing dancer! ©Katarina Kojic

Neils piece of advice: “Don’t worry about everyone else. Just literally do your own thing and the world will take care of itself.”

I couldn’t have been happier after my brief but exhausting (for Neil) session with Neil. So many people were out to watch the fireworks and my husband and I were enjoying the walk along the waterfront parks in LIC. But I passed these two girls and just had to return to ask for their photo. They were so cute and had a great energy. And guys, they are single. If you are interested in meeting either of them, send me your info and I can pass it along.

Liz 23, Waitress, about to start cosmetology school. Best piece of advice: “Be true to yourself and everything else will follow.”

Leigh 25, Food Sourcer for the Food Bank. Loves cooking. Best piece of advice: “Follow your gut. It’s always right. (doesn’t rhyme but it’s true!)”

Liz & Leigh in LIC. ©Katarina Kojic

Leigh sitting pretty. ©Katarina Kojic

Liz was a little horrified to have her photo taken. She was recently pushed down the stairs by some guy as she was exiting the subway near her home and still hasn’t had a chance to go home and shower. She’s originally from Austin, Texas and NY is giving her a hard time, literally. If you see her on the street, be extra nice. She’s a great addition to this city. ©Katarina Kojic

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