Day 7 of Love:


I approached Bernd after a friend spotted him across the room at a party. I wasn’t sure how he would fit into a project on love, I loved his look, but wasn’t sure that was enough…

Name: Bernd
Profession: Artist/Painter/Sculptor
Age: 64
Nationality / Origin: German

What do you love? “I like to get close to things that have to do with time and age and dreams.”

What was the best day of your life? “So many good days, I couldn’t say. Mostly the days I feel good are when something becomes close to a dream. When you feel like you catch a dream.”

Love is… “Following your dreams and fulfilling your dreams. That’s why you have to dream. Imagine, and find your dreams.”

“I Love Dreams.” ©Katarina Kojic

Dream state ©Katarina Kojic

Day 4 of Love:


This is what they looked like when I passed by. ©Katarina Kojic

Name: Nina / Christopher
Age: 35 / 35
Profession: Policy Analyst / Economics Consultant
Nationality or Origin: German / German
Relationship to each other? Boyfriend-Girlfriend
How did you meet? At University orientation
When did you meet? 1998
How long have you been together? a little over a year

What is your favorite thing about him? He’s very happy, very spontaneous, if he has an idea he does it. He goes for what he wants.
What is your favorite thing about her? She’s very talkative and happy

I really love it when he… Really smiles
I really love it when she… starts talking enthusiastically about her day and telling stories

Why is SHE important to you (I made him go first this time)? She makes everything in life more fun. She supports me and you feel more whole in life when you get that support. We are planning a future together.
Why is HE important to you? I’m very afraid of changes and he takes away my fears for the future. It’s the first time I’m not afraid

A kiss on the forehead has such a tenderness in it. ©Katarina Kojic


Vintage Parents

I fell in love with photography and film thru my dad and my uncle Vipsy’s photographs and 8mm films. They both loved taking photographs and filming their families. And most of the evidence is from the 60s and early 70s. My Dad’s 8mm camera was stolen when I was about 5 or 6, and as the youngest, that means there aren’t very many films with me. Perhaps that is why I feel extra nostalgic toward the look of those early films and photographs. The colors, the clothes, the lifestyle photographs of our family and friends–I love it! I have a box of 8mm film reels I brought back to NY after the sale of my mom and dad’s house. We lost my dad several years ago, so these are truly special memories for us. Big reels in blue metal cylindrical containers and little yellow Kodak boxes which were short films only several minutes in length. Films of us at Christmas, of my sister coming home from the hospital as a baby, or my first time walking… We used to watch them as adults when we were home visiting. We’d put up the d-Lite Projector screen, my dad would thread the film and my mom would make tea and serve something delicious she baked. One of the reels labled “1977 Big Garden Our House”- has a shipping label addressed to my Grandmother (Oma) in Germany. That’s how my parents shared our lives with the family abroad. They would make a film and then send it overseas.  I imagine it went down like this: The film reel arrives in the mail at Oma’s. Instantly, a tea kettle is on the stove and a cake that just happened to be baked already, gets sliced up and put on nice china with small silver dessert forks. Meanwhile, my uncle sets up the projector, feeds the film thru the spool, and the family is called in to gather in the living room. Oma brings in the coffee and cake and there in the living room in Planegg, Germany, they watch my mom and my sisters and me frolicking and picnicking in a huge weedy garden that was the plot of land my parents bought and where my dad would build our house (the one we just sold). My earliest memories begin around that time.

Another box I brought back, is filled with boxes of slides. One of the boxes is of my parents before me and my sisters came along. I never saw, or remember seeing any of these photos. There was one photograph of my parents on their wedding day that sat on the dresser in my parent’s bedroom, old and faded, for as long as I could remember. It was exciting to discover the other photos taken from that day plus a few others. Last night my husband and I devised our own method of projecting them onto the wall so we could photograph them to share. We now have on our wish list, a carousel projector, but we were pretty delighted with how they came out. Other than a slight adjustment to the darkness or lightness of the photograph, these were not retouched and we didn’t blur out anyone on purpose.

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